Internship at Microsoft

During my 3 month internship at Microsoft I was working for the Kin team. At that time the Kin project was still called the top secret “Project Pink”. I was responsible for the Dashboard design, which is a collapsed/intelligent status indicator. Normally phones have a status bar in the top of the screen with all kinds of icons, we tried to minimize this area and only notify the user when there is a problem. The user can than tap these indicators to see phone status in more detail.

Here you can see the status Dashboard I designed during my internship:

I was also working on some hardware software prototypes to test our design concepts on a real size device. At that time we didn’t have real Kin hardware yet. I attached arduino boards with accelerometers to our screen dummies. So We could test some concepts for gestural interfaces.

And I was lucky to work in one of the most beautiful offices, Pioneer Studies. I still miss this amazing creative workspace, and that’s why I post some pictures I took here.

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Internship at Smart Design

In 2008 I did a 6 month internship at Smart Design, San Francisco. I was working on a bunch of projects which I don’t know if I can publish them here, but there were projects with car companies, mobile phones and robots. The only project I am sure I can publish is the Nokia Ted thing you see above. It was my very first project at Smart, just designing some wallpapers for the Nokia device which was handed out during the TED conference. They chose my Design and luckily all following projects got much more exciting. I learned a lot about wireframing, user research, video prototyping and even got send to New York for a project.

One of the more interesting projects I was working on, was about an mobile phone accessory. It’s wirelessly attached to your phone and has only one button and some LEDs. Our job was it to use this very limited interface to design an easy to understand flow for the user.


I was working with industrial designers and I was responsible for the interaction flows and the flash prototype. Try it out yourself:

You must have Flash to view this file


Also I was a little bit involved in the littleBits project. LittleBits is a easy to use prototyping toolkit for industrial designers and people without any interest in electronics or code.