Nexight – Master Thesis

Nexight is the name of  my Master Thesis in Interaction Design at Umea Institute of Design, Sweden in close collaboration with Philips Design, Eindhoven. Nexight is a design concept for the radiologist reading room. My idea was to bring Natural Interactions to the radiology department.

Multitouch/multiscreen interface:

3D interface prototype:

Screenshot from the 3D interface. You can see how the radiologist can use the pen in any direction to slice different layers from the current view. This enables the radiologist to see these different layers in relationship.

I generated this 3D model of a childs head from a real MRI scan. I later used the MRI scan and 3D model in my prototypes.



The 3D pen was a critical part of the 3D interface. Even though this is not a proposed industrial design, I made many revisions of the pen based on feedback and problems with the previous versions. Inside there is two leds for the 3D tracking and a pushbutton for controlling the mode of the 3D interface. It is connected to the computer with an Arduino board.

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From the beginning of the project I relied heavily on prototypes to evaluate and test my ideas. here are some of the prototypes that lead to my final design:



Touchscreen Interface details

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3D interface details

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Degree Presentation

Here is a video of my final presenation of the project at Umea Institute of Design, Sweden.

I was blogging my progress throughout the whole project. If you are interested please visit the project blog.

Nokia Only Planet

Only Planet is Nokia Design’s international student program. It was our last project before the master-degree-project in the interaction-design programme at Umea Institute of Design. Phil, Mike and Juha from Nokia Design were a great help, and gave a lot of inspiration during this 10 week project.

After the some researches I focused my work on a live music sharing system. You could say, its a Jukebox 2.0.

People in the pub have connected their mobile music players to the system. There is a visualization on the floor showing the Continue reading “Nokia Only Planet”

vitaminB – digital/tangible reading

vitamin B is an exploration of digital and tangible reading. the user can move objects on an interactive table. projected grafics will follow these objects. by manipulating the objects the user can browse pages or books.

From paper-prototype and postits to working interface.

And for more information download documentation (pdf 1.3mb)


This is not a book!

“this is not a book” was my first experiment with fiducials and it inspired us to make a ‘real’ project out if it: a digital tangible reading interface.


vvvv code that is running the prototype:

video stream from the camera that is tracking the interface objects:

done with Arduino, Reactivision and vvvv.


Experience Prototyping workshop

Matt and Rian from Tellart came to Umea for the prototyping workshop. It was great fun to work with them and all the stuff they brought to play around with. Our task was to prototype something to make a full working day at the computer less boring and less unhealthy.

Here is a video that the guys from Tellart shot during the workshop.

I worked with Youle and Mike in this project and they had a lot of great and funny ideas. We ended up with three prototypes, you could see them in the video above. But here is some more info:

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hacking gamecontrolers for 3D interactions

Here are 2 little side projects I did during my interaction design classes. I used existing game controlers to make my own 3D navigation/manipulation tools. The Wii is the more conventional controler but the GameTrak is actually the much more interesting, because it doesn’t use video tracking or accelerometers to sense motion. but see for yourself :)

Hacking Nintendo Wii

I like the approach of nintendo to make gaming more than just sitting in front of a screen and push buttons. to add a acceleromter to the contoler is a great idea to keep people off their sofa.

this video is a bit odd… but at least I explain my creation face-to-face.

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map navigation in flash

an interactive (google earth like) map. you can fly from the north of germany to scandinavia. use your mouse to control speed and direction.


i made this flash during a flash action script course. it took my some thinking about math to get the arrow in the middle to behave as i wanted it to. i also tried to organise the flash file and action script in a way that makes adding more cities very easy or make it even possible to let the user add his/her own cities. unfortunatly i didnt have enough time to complete this project. try the flash prototype Continue reading “map navigation in flash”

communication system for divers

my last project at muthesius academy of arts in kiel was about a safty and communcation device for divers in cooperation with draeger safty. i built a dataglove prototype that can recognize the general divers sign language. this information is send to the divers wireless, so they can communicate underwater without seeing each other.

there is a head mounted display attached to the divers mask. it is visible even if there is no light or very dirty water. communication data is shown on this display. the diver can also see all important status informations on this display (e.g. oygen pressure, diving duration).

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