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I’ve been with Microsoft for over a year now. After my graduation in June 2009 I started to work for the Kin team and when Kin was discontinued I transfered to the Windows Phone 7 team. The Mobile Studio design team is amazing and I really think we are doing something new and exciting here. I was also really impressed with the developer tools and how easy it is to write apps for Windows Phone. So I started to create my own app – img news reader. It’s more an exploration of the tools and also the very first time I actually build software that is not only a prototype. its a visual news reader, for your blogs or other rss feeds.

click button to download this app for your Windows Phone:

Img is a visual news reader. Add your blogs or any other news source, and it will extract all images. Img is great for browsing design, architecture, art and photography blogs.


It’s all about the content, fullscreen pictures, no compromise, no chrome.

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