Internship at Microsoft

During my 3 month internship at Microsoft I was working for the Kin team. At that time the Kin project was still called the top secret “Project Pink”. I was responsible for the Dashboard design, which is a collapsed/intelligent status indicator. Normally phones have a status bar in the top of the screen with all kinds of icons, we tried to minimize this area and only notify the user when there is a problem. The user can than tap these indicators to see phone status in more detail.

Here you can see the status Dashboard I designed during my internship:

I was also working on some hardware software prototypes to test our design concepts on a real size device. At that time we didn’t have real Kin hardware yet. I attached arduino boards with accelerometers to our screen dummies. So We could test some concepts for gestural interfaces.

And I was lucky to work in one of the most beautiful offices, Pioneer Studies. I still miss this amazing creative workspace, and that’s why I post some pictures I took here.

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