Nexight – Master Thesis

Nexight is the name of  my Master Thesis in Interaction Design at Umea Institute of Design, Sweden in close collaboration with Philips Design, Eindhoven. Nexight is a design concept for the radiologist reading room. My idea was to bring Natural Interactions to the radiology department.

Multitouch/multiscreen interface:

3D interface prototype:

Screenshot from the 3D interface. You can see how the radiologist can use the pen in any direction to slice different layers from the current view. This enables the radiologist to see these different layers in relationship.

I generated this 3D model of a childs head from a real MRI scan. I later used the MRI scan and 3D model in my prototypes.



The 3D pen was a critical part of the 3D interface. Even though this is not a proposed industrial design, I made many revisions of the pen based on feedback and problems with the previous versions. Inside there is two leds for the 3D tracking and a pushbutton for controlling the mode of the 3D interface. It is connected to the computer with an Arduino board.

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From the beginning of the project I relied heavily on prototypes to evaluate and test my ideas. here are some of the prototypes that lead to my final design:



Touchscreen Interface details

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3D interface details

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Degree Presentation

Here is a video of my final presenation of the project at Umea Institute of Design, Sweden.

I was blogging my progress throughout the whole project. If you are interested please visit the project blog.

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  1. I saw the design of your thesis in natural interactions and I’m very interested in know more about this product. I’m radiologist in mexico, and i have a blog about radiology, and yesterday i made a comment about you an your blog. Please look my blog and give more information, because you design is the future of my profession. I imaging in twenty years this kind of technology using in all departments of radiology. Thanks for your attention.

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