Nokia Only Planet

Only Planet is Nokia Design’s international student program. It was our last project before the master-degree-project in the interaction-design programme at Umea Institute of Design. Phil, Mike and Juha from Nokia Design were a great help, and gave a lot of inspiration during this 10 week project.

After the some researches I focused my work on a live music sharing system. You could say, its a Jukebox 2.0.

People in the pub have connected their mobile music players to the system. There is a visualization on the floor showing the musical connections between the different people in the room. A big rotating circle shows the name of the song, that you are listening to together. You can suggested songs to the system by selecting songs from your music library on your mobile music player.
When the user moves, the cirlces around him/her will follow. Each user has circles surrounding, presenting the bands that he/she has in common with other users in the room. Connection lines are drawn between the same bands from different users.

A Flash Prototype of the user interface for a mobile touchscreen device. launch or right-click and download (its Flash Lite, so you can download it to your mobile device)
video.jpg report.jpg
A video of the mobile user interface ran on a normal Pocket PC . Report with more information about this project. download PDF

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