Beta: Flickr Explorer for Windows Phone

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Flickr explorer is a simple app that search pictures around you. The idea is that you define your own kewords. For my example I chose “architecture” and “streetart”.

I started working on this app last week and making progress fast. It’s fun to play with the Flickr API and trying to get the best results. But this is only the first step. What I really want to create a is a meaningful travel app. I had this idea for a while, because I always get so frustrated when travelling. I don’t want to buy a paper guide book. But there is hardly any good companions for my mobile devices either. Also services like Yelp don’t work outside the US.

So Flickr photos nearby is almost done, and for the next version I want to experiment with adding geo located Wikipedia articles and matching them with Flickr photos. Also I would like to do some trend analyses on the Flickr content to see what is popular in the area to give the user some search suggestions. I have some more ideas… lets see ;)


Update July 21:

Flickr Explorer is now open for private beta!

If you’d like to test it, please send me your Windows Live ID and I’ll add you to the beta programme.

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