communication system for divers

my last project at muthesius academy of arts in kiel was about a safty and communcation device for divers in cooperation with draeger safty. i built a dataglove prototype that can recognize the general divers sign language. this information is send to the divers wireless, so they can communicate underwater without seeing each other.

there is a head mounted display attached to the divers mask. it is visible even if there is no light or very dirty water. communication data is shown on this display. the diver can also see all important status informations on this display (e.g. oygen pressure, diving duration).


During my research I found out that there are several different diving computers. But nower days diving computers display the information only in letters and numbers on simple 7-segment displays. I developed a grafical way to show these information. It is based on a 2 dimensonal coordinate system. In which time is related to the x-axis and deepness to the y-axis.

try the interactive flash prototype of the grafical user interface.

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