Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

I started to work for Windows Phone in 2010 shortly after its release. The next version of Windows Phone will be available soon. The release is called ‘Mango’  and I was the lead designer on Photo & Camera experiences.

This is how the new Pictures hub looks like in Mango (with some of my favorite pictures from my trip to Japan)

People Centric photos

Our goal for Mango was to make the camera and photos experience more people centric. So we created a new people view in pictures that shows photos of the important people in your life as well as all your friends photo albums.

The people view integrates with the new group functions in Mango. It creates photo albums for each of your groups. So you can see your families photos all in one view.


Face Detection

We also wanted to make it easier for you to tag your friends. So we integrated face detection. Face detection runs automatically when you start an upload to a social network. That way is super easy to tag your friends:


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